Sunday 4th November

A very moving ceremony was held today at St. Peter’s Church in Sheringham for the official handover of Sheringham & District Branch Standard. 

Handover of Branch Standard

Mr Tony Thorogate at the very young age of 85 years, retired as Standard Bearer for Sheringham after many years of loyal and dedicated service to the Town and our branch.  Over the years Tony represented us at numerous events, both big and small. Parades at the Norfolk Show, Newmarket Races and our own Town events, alongside the emotional attendance at funerals.  Always smartly dressed in his uniform, carrying the Standard with pride, we as a Branch wish him a very happy retirement.

Branch Chairman, Val Callaghan, thanked Tony for his service and President David Farrow then presented the Standard to Eddie Mayell.

Officially taking up this important mantle is, Eddie Mayell, who has already put much work into his training and represented the Branch this year at GP90 in Ypres, accompanied by his wife Claire as our wreath layer.  As a Branch we are delighted at this appointment and we already know that Eddie will carry this Sacred Emblem with both humility and pride.

“The Standard which you are now privileged to carry, having been solemnly dedicated in a sacred place, represents the ideals of service to God and to our Queen and country. The Union Flag, in the top left hand corner, is symbolic of our unity and our loyalty to the crown, community and nation. The royal blue signifies fidelity, and the gold band recalls all those who have died in the service of our country, and reminds us who remain that we must ever be true to “Service not Self”.

The service was taken by Rev Christian Heycocks RN and included the Dickleburgh Standard carried by John Roberts.


To join our branch all you have to do is contact our Membership Secretary using the Contact details link above. 

Alternatively, you can write or telephone using the details at the bottom of the page.

Welcome the support of our new
Royal British Legion Chaplain

Rev Christian Heycocks RN has very kindly agreed to be our Branch Chaplain. 

If you are in need of help or advice, please do not hesitate to contact him.

St Peter's Vicarage
10 North Street
Sheringham, NR26 8LW

Tel: 01263 822 089

Sheringham WI Remembrance Display


Sunday 4th November

We placed a silhouette on the bench at the War Memorial as part of the ‘There but not There’ campaign a few weeks ago, these silhouettes are to represent the Fallen in World War I which ended 100 years ago this year. They allow communities to take the names of those who made the ultimate sacrifice in this conflict off the Rolls of Honour and back into the spaces they left behind. They are very understated, but poignant reminders of the gaps left in communities during WWI. Sheringham lost 75 during the conflict, which is a huge number considering how small the town was in 1914. There were no families here that were not affected by this.

Silhouette presentation

After reading reports in the newpapers of the vandalism of our silhouette at the War Memorial, we were contacted by Simon Clarke of DisplayPro, Great Yarmouth. He very kindly offered to replace the silhouette, free of charge, to enable us to continue with our honouring of the fallen.

Not only did Simon replace the broken silhouette, but did so with a much stronger version, that should withstand the weather over the coming winter. He also provided us with one that will take its place at St. Peter’s Church during the Remembrance Period.

After the Ceremony handing over the Standard to our new Standard Bearer, we all went to the War Memorial to reinstall the silhouette.

Eddie represented Sheringham & District Branch at GP90, Ypres earlier this year and brought back with him a small present for Tony Thorogate, the retiring Standard Bearer, an Official Ypres pennant.
As a Branch, we would like to publicly thank Simon and DisplayPro, for their generosity and very prompt service. We had replacements within a couple of days and they are in situ, ready for the 11th November.